You must be a member in order to book. If you’re not already a member and would like to join please print off a copy of the membership form and hand in to one of the key contacts listed within the Contacts page.

Book the Nets

Please read the net booking information further down this page prior to making a net booking.


Net Booking Information:

The below should be read in conjunction with the ECB Guidance on Return to Use of Cricket Grounds availability.

The purpose of this page and form is to;
(A) allow sensible control of the number of Apperley Cricket Club members using the facility so that the risk of transmission and infringement of government guidelines is minimised.
(B) allow Apperley Cricket Club make a record of users so that contact tracing to help reduce the spread of the virus if a user(s) develop a COVID-19 infection after using the site.

For your awareness, Apperley Cricket Club shall be keeping a copy of the form below and all requests submitted on file, in accordance with ECB guidance on GDPR and Apperley Cricket Club data management policy. Click here for further information.

Important Information:

Nets are for use by Apperley Cricket Club members only. 
1. Please do not submit a request if any of the user’s are displaying symptoms of COVID-19.
2. Apperley Cricket Club will follow national guidelines to minimise the risk of catching COVID-19 and we believe the risks are minimal but we cannot guarantee that any player will not contract it whilst taking part in nets. By attending a net you accept this risk and we will ask you to confirm that you acknowledge and understand this at the point you have a net confirmation. 
3. Apperley Cricket Club are looking to offer a limited number of slots each day, ensuring there’s sufficient time to clean down the nets and avoid potential overlap of users.
4. A Club Representative must be present at all net sessions booked – In order to comply with this requirement of a Club Representative being present at every net, we are unable to accept same day bookings. 
5. All essential information regarding the use of nets shall be made available at Apperley Cricket Club and on the website.
6. It is best practice to obtain alternative contact information, just in case the first method does not work.
7. The use of Apperley Cricket Club by those under the age of 18 (or by vulnerable adults) should be in full compliance with the Apperley Cricket Club’s safeguarding procedures. People aged over 70 are advised to minimise their contact with others outside of their household.
8. Recording the name of all persons will help demonstrate that Apperley Cricket Club is following government guidance and help with contact tracing.
9. ECB guidelines have been updated to state that outdoor cricket facilities can be used with up to 5 others from separate households (6 people in total).
10. To view guidelines, click ‘View COVID-19 Net Guidelines’ below.

What do I do if I want to net?

1. Review the timetable above for available slots. 
2. Complete your submission, choosing a time slot
3. your booking will be automatically confirmed and then manually reviewed to ensure you are a member. If not the booking will be declined.
4. View our Covid-19 Net Guidelines.